Hammock Free School

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As part of my artist residency at The Hammock I facilitated a temporary free school in the Hammock community of East Vancouver. Hammock Free School was a laboratory of  non-hierarchical collective art production.  At the Hammock Free School one can freely and organically inform themselves through  access to a variety of  resources.  Workshops, research groups, experiments, lessons, reading lists, instructions, discussion groups, open studios, presentations, and field trips, are some of the  pedagogical tools we use to carry out investigations in knowledge production and distribution. Hammock Free School examines the relationship between social art practices, scholarship and the community with a focus on social practice, artist-run space and local experience.

The Hammock Artist Residency is the initiative of well known Vancouver based artist Heidi Nagtegaal.  Since 2006, the Hammock Residency has invited and worked with a variety of artists, providing numerous resources to help artist realize their ideas. Located in East Vancouver, Hammock is a place that offers ” space to focus on the process of making art”.  But more importantly the  Hammock Residency, “is a community hub, happenstance event space and a good space to let things happen. It’s the spaces between the thoughts that inform the thoughts, and ultimately the art object.”

Hammock Free School took place at various locations in the East Vancouver area from May 25th to June 30th, 2011. 
The Artist, Balcone and Hammock Artist Residency would like to acknowledge the City of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia and ArtsBC for supporting this project.