2017 Blackwood Gallery, U of T Mississauga
2017 Unsettling Settlers Game Night, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.
2016 Unsettling Settlers Game Night, Gamma Space, Toronto.
2016 Unsettling Settlers Game Night, Articule, Montreal.
2016 It's (Still) Privileged Art (2016), Urban Space Gallery, Toronto, Curated by Leaf Jerlefia.
2016 Smokers Choice, Galleria Mall, Toronto. Curated by Aisle 4
2016 Performing Pedagogies, Queens University, Kingston.
2015 Legs, Too, FADO Performance Art Centre, Artscape Sandbox, Toronto.
2015 Artist-run Newsstand by Jess Dobkin, Chester Station, Toronto.
2015 20/20 Vision Hindsight, Workers Art & Heritage Centre, Hamilton.
2015 LABOUR; Link & Pin, Performance Art Series, RATS9 Gallery, Montreal. Curated by Adriana Disman.
2014    Encuentro, Hemispheric Institute & Concordia University, Montreal
2014    MVS Graduating Exhibition, University of Toronto Art Centre, Toronto.
2014    Rhubarb Festival, Toronto.  Curated by Laura Nanni
2013    Red Green Blue ≠ White, Blackwood Gallery U of T, Mississauga.  Curated by Johnson Ngo
2013    SweatyBones, The Beaver, Toronto.  Curated by Heidi Nagtegaal
2013 Sight. Specific. FADO Emerging Artist Series, XPACE, Toronto.  Curated by Francisco Fernando Granados
2013    Happy Birthday Yoko Ono, Video FAG, Toronto.  Curated by Andil Gosine
2013    Long Winter, The Great Hall, Toronto. Curated by Mick Brambilla
2012    Thoughts on Text: A Hammock Residency Project, Presented by MagScene with OCW Magazine,Project Space, Access Gallery, Fillip Magazine, and Hammock Residency, Access Gallery,Vancouver.  Curated by Heidi Nagtegaal
2012    Big on Bloor Festival, White House Studio Project, Toronto
2012    Transmuted International Performance Festival, Ex Teressa, Mexico City.  Curated by Pancho Lopez
2012    Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City, Mexico.
2012    TO| DF, White House Studio Project, Toronto. 
2012    Happenings, University of Toronto, Toronto.
2012    Katorseng Tumbok: Kinabag ngunit Deluxe, Kanto Space Projects, Makati, Philippines. Curated
    by Patrick Cruz
2011    Drag Show, LIVE Biennial, 221A Artist Run Centre, Vancouver. Curated by Patrick & Francis Cruz
2011    I (Heart) Canada & Canada (Heart) Me, SWARM Festival, 221A Artist Run Centre, Vancouver.
    Curated by Francisco Fernando Granados
2010    Backyard Music Festival, Hammock Residency.  Vancouver.  Curated by Heidi Nagtegaal
2010    Emily Carr University Graduation Exhibition, Vancouver.  Curated by Liz Magor
2010    Winter Salon, Emily Carr University, Vancouver
2010    Free Candy, Emily Carr University,  Vancouver
2010    Body Bodice, Emily Carr University,  Vancouver
2009    Analogue: Panchromatic Pleasures, Emily Carr University, Vancouver B.C.

2017 7a*md8 International Festival of Performance Art & New Media, Toronto
2016 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, Toronto
2013    Sidewalk Screening, Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto
2011    Under Covers, ArtBank, Vancouver B.C.
2011    Vancouver: A Pretty Shitty City, ArtBank, Vancouver B.C.
2010    Emily Carr University External Photo Grad Show, Lido Gallery, Vancouver B.C.

2014 Master of Visual Studies, University of Toronto
2010 Bachelor of Fine Art, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design
2005    Ontario College of Art and Design

2014    Photography Technologist, Sheridan College
2013    Course Instructor, VI130 Visual Strategies, University of Toronto
2013    Teaching Assistant, VPSB77, Introduction to Performance, Tanya Mars, University of Toronto
2013    Dark Room Assistant, Dept. Visual Studies, University of Toronto
2012    Teaching Assistant, VIS120 Visual Concepts, Prof. Lisa Steele, University of Toronto
2012    Dark Room Assistant, Dept. Visual Studies, University of Toronto

2017 Visual Arts Projects Canada Council for the Arts
2016 Visual Artists Grant Toronto Arts Council
2015 Visual Artist Grant Ontario Arts Council
2013 Ontario Graduate Scholarship
2012 University of Toronto Fellowship
2009 Christopher Foundation Scholarship

2016 The Lie of the Land, Research Residency, South Asian Arts Centre, Toronto
2011    Hammock Free School, Hammock Residency Artist in Residency, Vancouver

2014    Abraham, Julia.  Your Turn: Alternative Pedagogies in Public Space, Catalog, University of Toronto Art Centre.
2013    Ngo, Johnson. Red, Green, Blue≠ White, Catalog, Mississauga: Blackwood Gallery.
2013    Granados, Francisco Fernando. Sight.Specific., Catalog, FADO.

2016  The Scool of Bartered Knowledge, Syphon 3.2 (Spring 2016) on “Art & Pedagogy". Moder Fuel Artist-Run Centre, Kingston.
2013  Emergency Index Vol. 3: An Annual Document of Performance Practice. Ugly Duckling Press. NY NY.
2011    Dong, Chun Hua Catherine & Rzepka,Ek, We Give a Shit Because We Care (Vol. 1 of An
    Encyclopedic Introduction to the Fulfilling Science of Excrement).  Unit/Pitt & Publication
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2010    Amani, Golboo. “Silent Hunter.”  Front Magazine, Western Front Society.
    Winter, 2010/11,3 &10.

 2016  It’s Like Scrabble in India.
 2016  Challenging the Colonial Narrative.        narrative-why-this-artist-is-hacking-settlers-of-catan/583d92ac71e2be995a3b2453?                Latest_from_VICE=1
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2017    Game Night - XPACE Cultural Centre, Toronto
2017    Advisory Committee - Humber College
2016    Advisory Committee - Humber College
2016    Artist talk – Ethnocultural Art Histories Research Group Concordia University, Montreal
2016    Curatorial Committee - 7a11d International Festival of Performance Art
2015    Curatorial Committee - 7a11d International Festival of Performance Art
2014    Programming Committee - Board of Directors Whippersnapper Gallery
2013    Artist talk – OCAD November
2013    Artist talk - OCAD March
2013    Performance Artist - Kiljoy’s Kastle Lesbian Feminist Haunted House by Allyson Mitchell
2013    Project assistant - Sharleen Bamboat and Alexis Mitchell
2013    Internship - Abilities Art Festival (now Tangled Arts)
2013    Artists talk - Sight Specific, FADO Emerging Artist Series, XPACE Toronto
2012    Artist talk - Transmuted International Performance Festival Ex Teressa Mexico City
2012    Artist talk - ADM Mexico City
2011    Artist talk - I (Heart) Canada & Canada (Heart) Me, 221A Vancouver
2010    Performance Artist - LIVE Procession of Performing Circles by Glenn Lewis.
2009    Artist Assistant - Kristina Lee Podesva, Vancouver
2009    Alternative Programming Facilitator - WOO Newspaper, Emily Carr University